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BBD Group Company (Balkan Business Development Group Ltd.) was founded in 2011 in Novi Sad. BBD GROUP was established with the aim of raising the level of service and quality products at the domestic and global markets.

Our intention is to connect the Balkan markets with the developed markets and the development of cooperation in both directions. The Balkan market, like all emerging markets have a need for a comprehensive range of advanced technologies and products, while it may offer to foreign markets products made according to the required standards and competitive conditions.

BBD GROUP, with its long-term partners, is working on development and improvement of products and raising the quality of services to provide its clients an efficient and reliable growth.

Through complete and in-time service our intention is to raise awareness of quality taking into account the needs of clients as well as cost-effectiveness and reliability of our products and services.



We will create an environment of innovations and professionalism by gaining new and permanent improvement of existing knowledge.

We create an atmosphere of trust, loyalty, and mutual satisfaction by timely and efficient satisfaction of our clients and partner's needs, with an added value.

Our team members aspire toward a constant improvement and knowledge sharing by creating an environment of professional prestige.

Our mission is to raise awareness and make a significant contribution to the preservation of water and our environment.