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- Biogas treatments plants
- Biocells for composting plants

About Ecochimica

For 40 years Ecochimica has been designing and realizing industrial plants for air purification, biogas and composting in Italy and worldwide. The team of Ecochimica collaborates closely with the customer, accompanying him during the phases of: design, construction, installation and technical assistance. The plants are made to measure, specifically to meet the specific needs of each client. Ecochimica has always been looking for a balance between product quality and cost-effectiveness, with particular attention to management costs, sustainability and energy saving.

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- Realization
- Installation
- Management
- After Sales Service


Industrial and municipal solid waste plant


Sewage and Industrial water treatment

Energy sector - Biomasa - Biogas - Biomethane

Metal mechanics – Foundry – Still Mill

Industry and transformation – Other



- Vertical
- Horizontal
- Floating

The single tower scrubbers produced by Ecochimica are sized to ensure high efficiency and to guarantee emissions within legal standards. Pollutants in the air treated by Ecochemica Scrubber are absorbed by chemical reaction through washing with reducing reagents.

Desulphurization Units

-Chemical with Reagent Recovery

In anaerobic fermentation of waste for biogas production, the methane produced contains high levels of hydrogen sulphide which is highly corrosive to the energy production unit. Ecochimica’s DESOLF equipment reduces quantities of hydrogen sulphide through a careful chemical cleaning of the biogas or through a biological treatment without chemical reagent consumption.

Biogas Line

- Gas Flares
- Gravel Filter
- Fine filter
- Dehumidifier
Biogas line equipment contains Gravel and Fine filters used for purification of biogas (separates coarse and fine particle from biogas), gas flares designed in order to achieve a high combustion efficiency and hence very low values of CO and NoX below the limits required by all European regulations in force and Biogas dehumidifiers.

Stripping Tower

Volatile compound stripping tower and treatment of stripped compound with Ecochemica scrubber. The stripping tower is used to reduce the volatile compound concentration (ammonia for example) in a fluid (waste water and process water).


Of Volatile Organic Compounds:
- regenerative combustion plant
- catalytic combustion plant
- thermal combustion plant

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