The quality of our life in the future will largely depend on the amount of usable water. As the most basic source of life, water is recklessly consumed and polluted. In order to stop this trend, extensive measures are being taken and large investments are being made to restore clean, unpolluted water to nature.

BBD Group‘s aim is to offer specific solutions to reduce the level of pollution of water discharged by industrial facilities, urban settlements and other pollutants.There is no unique wastewater treatment system because each wastewater has its own characteristics, which especially refers to industrial wastewater. The wastewater treatment process varies from simple tanks, relying exclusively on sedimentation, to refined processes with advanced biological treatments as we know them today.

By applying the knowledge and experience gained in a large number of projects, we can fully respond to the most complex requirements of investors.

In the field of treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater, we provide the following types of services:
  - Analysis of the existing state of the field
  - Development of technical solution - offers
  - Design of complete project documentation
  - Production and procurement of equipment
  - Installation and release
  - Instructions for use and maintenance
  - Handler training
  - Service in warranty and out-of-warranty period