BBD group service dedicated sector is devoted to product and service improvement as well as business partner network expansion. We recognize the need for connection of the regional market to the more developed markets and knowledge, experience and technology exchange.

Professionalism, timeliness and reliability are the features that differentiate us and open up a range of opportunities for further development. We permanently raise the service quality level and acquire new knowledge of products, markets and demands, through knowledge exchange with different areas leading companies.

Our goal is to provide complete service in the areas of engineering, mediation and consulting by expending our network of experts.



BBD GROUP offers wide range of engineering services in the fields of:
• Process industry
• Water treatment
• Wastewater treatment
• Sludge treatment

BBD GROUP is working on the development and improvement of products and technologies both independently and with the cooperation with partners from different areas. In the framework of the above mentioned activities we realize solutions from basic to detailed engineering.


The potential of the Balkans and South–Easter Europe (SEE) markets are increasingly encouraging the companies form the more developed markets to take part of the market competition. The interconnection, as well as specificities of the SEE market represents a serious challenge. High quality and efficient performance requires knowledge of market conditions and an effective network of business partners. Often, the factor of success is directly linked to the possibility of a timely engagement.

Our goal is to expand our network of strategic, long-term partnerships with leadership companies in the areas of engineering, process equipment, water treatment, energy, renewable energy sources, and include them into our developed business network in the region.

We offer to the companies in the region the possibility of developing and marketing products and services in developed markets along with a continuous improvement of products and services with the aim of achieving competitiveness and sustainable growth.


Using the tools of modern management with the knowledge of the situation and the needs of the market, BBD GROUP can be a turning point in your business. Our mission is to redirect your organization from a state of re-activity and constant struggle with problems in the way of modern pro-active business trends.

BBD GROUP offers you a wide range of services in the area of consulting:
• Organization analysis
• Strategy defining
• Strategy marketing
• Change introduction
• Staff analysis and motivation
• Other

BBD GROUP also offers you consulting aimed to improve your product or service.