In cooperation with our partners we can offer a wide range of process equipment for the following areas:
  • Water storage
  • Water treatmente
  • Gas storage
  • Crude oil and petroleum products storage
  • Energy equipmente
  • Steel structures and equipmente

All equipment can be ordered like the standard offer (catalogue types) or to be manufactured according to the customer's specifications in terms of size, appearance, required materials, corrosion protection or other requirements.

Process equipment is manufactured from a variety of steel alloys and stainless steel, with the necessary protection against corrosion, materials whose properties allow the use in these industries. The quality of our processing equipment is reflected in usability and stability as well as high quality of approved welding procedures. Process equipment is manufactured according to standards and customer's requirements.

In addition to the standard products that are heat exchangers, hot water tanks , compressed air tanks, boilers, tanks for milk, beer industry tanks, wine industry tanks, chemical industry vessels, pharmaceutical industry vessels, condensate return vessels, ammonia vessels, glycerin vessels, digesters, bio-oils vessels.

We can offer products made from your specifications.