Excellent SME Serbia

BBD Group d.o.o become the holder of the certificate "Excellent SME Serbia", which in cooperation with prudential Company "Coface" awarded Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce hereby certifies that the BBD Group d.o.o. fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining a certificate "Excellent SME Serbia", based on the high credit ratings as a result of the financial due diligence, Risk Report, which contains an assessment of the payment morale and risks of doing business with the company, showing the possible insolvency over the next 12 months. Assessment methodology is internationally recognized and comparable for companies from many countries of the world in accordance with Basel II.

The validity of the certificate is based on constant monitoring of the company "Coface" Serbia and if the solvency of the company falls below the prescribed estimates that there is a negative change in operations, the certificate is revoked.

Constant monitoring of business provides our exemplary credibility, both in the domestic and international business environment. The validity of the certificate can be checked at the link ovde.